“No Bible, no breakfast; No Bible, no bed!”

Well the 2nd annual Men’s Conference was another great success… close to 1,000 men again! We have finally got the audio files posted below, sorry it took so long. Remind yourself and then share with your friends the talks from the IGNITE 2010 conference and get fired up for IGNITE 2011.


Fr. Larry Richards

How have you been doing with this challenge from Fr. Larry Richards? “No Bible, no breakfast; No Bible, no bed!” Fr. Larry spoke from the heart and shot from the hip laying down his challenging message of building a Man of Virtue.


Jesse Romero

Jesse Romero talked about the importance of prayer and the real meaning of being a Man of Hope. Jesse also reminded us that we should not be ashamed of standing up for our faith.


Sean Forrest

Sean Forrest brought a very personal message on being a Man of Prayer and what that means in a very practical way.


IGNITE 2010 Participant Feedback

(Excerpted from emails received in the days following the event)

“Once again IGNITE was truly AWESOME!! The LORD is soooo Good!! Praised be JESUS!! And Thank You for all of your obedience and effort to the Holy Spirit! We are BLESSED with our new Bishop! I am very grateful for the Catholic faith!” — Joe, from St. Mary’s in B’ville

“I feel that it was just what I needed to re-affirm myself and my faith in Christ, as well as in the Catholic Church.” — Robert, from St. Joe’s in Deposit

“It was my second year attending IGNITE. Great job! I know it is an enormous undertaking and I am sure satan is not happy and made this journey, at times, a tough one, but you persevered and it was great. Many graces have come forth from this and I applaud you. Thanks so much for putting together such a great conference.” — Bob, from St. James in Carthage

“I was looking forward to it, and expecting it to be great like last year, but was surprised to find it even better than last year. I just thought all 3 speakers were the right mix of character to make the whole much greater than the sum of the parts. So, thank you very much.” — Cy, from St. Mary’s in Skaneateles